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3D Computer Modeling


Below is a Quicktime Virtual Reality rendering of the interior of a beautiful home. Since it is approximately 7.5 MegaBytes to download, it may take over 30 minutes (not seconds) to download before the picture is visible (ref. 56k modem -- of course, much faster for broadband).

Normally the download will start automatically, although it may begin in an area that is not yet visible. If your browser does not initiate this process, you may activate it manually by clicking on the gridlines below. To navigate in the 3D rendering, click and hold your mouse while moving it around the picture, in all directions. You usually may even do this before the process completes downloading.

We use a state-of-the-art 3D computer modeling system from the conceptual stage to the final plans, so that we literally build the house on the computer. This allows the designer and the client to actually see the house inside and out in three dimensions before the first nail is ever driven, and of course, make any desired changes as the design process proceeds. Look at our portfolio and the clients' comments to see how this approach has worked for others.


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